Welcome to PythonCareSheets.com - Your First Source Of Python Husbandry Information

I have come to understand that there are a lot of python owners around Australia, and the rest of the globe, who do not understand how to care for their animals, or even posess an appropriate licence. Not to mention the number of people I have met recently who own exotic animals which are illegal to keep in Australia.

Another common problem I have encountered is finding reliable information about keeping pythons. You will find that the information available is very scattered and contradictory to other information that is available, and there is a need for a central hub of information. You will also find that breeders will tell you information about the snakes they have but nothing else. This makes tracking down information on your newly aquired reptile pet very time consuming and annoying.

The goal of this site is to provide all people with sufficient knowledge and care instructions for their particular animals, and to become the number one resource for python information on the web.

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